Chauvio was founded in 2023 with a simple mission: test and review popular men’s clothing and boots to give a real, honest opinion.

At the time, the whole web was filled with care guides from people who seemed to have never cared about what and why they are recommending the clothes, boots or even anything that will enhance your dressing.

At the very beginning, I set some ground-rules for how I will do reviews and care guides. You can read our full review process here, but in short:

  • I buy the clothes
  • I test them myself and try my best to take my own pictures
  • I don’t take sponsorships from brands for reviews
  • And I give my honest opinions on whether I like the product or not.

Chauvio is here to take the mystery out of shopping.

I don’t simply throw opinions out: I dive into the gritty details so you know what you’re paying for, and whether or not it’s worth it. 

I give you the facts on the best Men’s Fashion right now. And, with more than a year of experience writing and working in the men’s fashion industry and over 100+ clothes and boots reviews, I’ve seen a broad enough range of boots and clothes to stack them up against each other fairly. 

Welcome to Chauvio. We help men put their best boot forward. 

The Chauvio newsletter is also the best place where 10,000 dedicated fashion-obsessed fans are getting a regular dose of the best deals on men’s clothing, boots, styling tips, brand reviews and important news across the fashion industry.

Person Behind Chauvio

Hey guys, My name is Vishal, a student, fashion enthusiast, trader and Personal Certified Trainer from ISSA. My motive to start this website is to give you in-depth knowledge about the fashion trends, what suits you best based on your personality and some tips and tricks.

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Until next time, put your best fashion forward.