How To Style Patterned Shirt

How To Style Patterned Shirt?

Patterned shirts are like a canvas waiting for your creativity to unfold.

They’re not just about clothing; they’re about crafting a statement, painting your personality onto your wardrobe.

From vibrant florals to bold stripes, these shirts offer a playground for your style journey. But navigating this landscape of patterns might seem overwhelming at first.

Fear not!

Embracing the art of styling patterned shirts opens a world of fashion adventures, where each combination tells a unique story. Let’s dive in and unravel the secrets to effortlessly rocking these lively pieces.

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What Is a Patterned Shirt?

A patterned shirt is like wearing a piece of artwork! It’s a shirt that’s not just one colour but has all sorts of cool designs on it—stripes, checks, flowers, you name it.

It’s like saying, “Hey, I don’t want my clothes to be boring—I want them to stand out!

So instead of sticking to plain colors, these shirts add a touch of my own personality to what I wear. They’re like my little style statement, making my outfit way more interesting!

Are Patterned Shirts Still in Fashion?

Totally! They’re like the evergreen trendsetters in the world of fashion. These shirts have been around for ages and they’re not going anywhere!

They’re like chameleons, always changing but staying stylish. Fashion shows and everyday street styles still love them—they’re that awesome!

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Are Patterned Shirts Better Than Solid Shirts?

Well, it’s like comparing apples and oranges—they’re both great in their own way!

Plain shirts are simple and you can pair them with almost anything, super easy.

But patterned shirts?

They’re like adding a splash of color to your outfit, making it unique and fun. It’s all about what vibe you’re going for, finding that sweet spot that feels just right for your style!

7 Ways to Style a Patterned Shirt

Style a Patterned Shirt

Casual Cool

Casual Cool is that effortless, laid-back style that effortlessly charms everyone around.

You can put together this look by layering a denim jacket over a floral or patterned shirt. It’s like combining a dash of roughness with a dash of nature’s beauty.

To make it easier, pick a denim jacket that contrasts well with your shirt. Roll up those sleeves a bit for that added casual flair!

Smart Casual

Think of this as your “I mean business, but stylishly” look.

Pair a shirt with subtle patterns, like small squares or minimal designs, with chinos. It’s like finding that perfect balance between work and play.

Tuck in the shirt for a polished finish—it instantly elevates the entire ensemble.

Layering Game

Layering is like creating a cool fashion puzzle! You can put on a plain-coloured sweater over your patterned shirt for a cozy yet chic vibe.

Here’s a secret tip, mix it up with different textures. Try a knitted sweater over a smooth shirt. It’s like adding layers to your outfit that make it more interesting and stylish.

Oh, and when you’re trying this out, remember that matching colours or playing with contrasts can make your layered look really pop!

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Mix and Match

Mixing patterns is where the fun begins. Try combining different patterns, but make sure they go hand in hand.

It’s like weaving your own fashion tale—start with smaller patterns and gradually introduce bolder ones for that unique twist. To keep things uncomplicated, stick to similar color schemes when mixing patterns.

Oh, and while you’re exploring ways to elevate your style, consider checking out my article on “How To Match Clothes And Shoes For Guys.” It’s filled with tips that’ll make your mix-and-match game even stronger!


Adding accessories can level up your style game! Enhance your patterned shirt with a sleek watch or a stylish belt.

It’s like adding the final brushstrokes to a painting. To make it easier, choose accessories that complement the colours in your shirt—it ties everything together.

Casual Fridays

AH! it’s Casual Friday, and the weekend anticipation is in the air! Everyone’s winding down, ready to slide into those relaxed vibes.

Now, imagine slipping into a cool patterned shirt paired with your favorite jeans. It’s that perfect blend of easy-going and stylish—just the ticket for a laid-back day.

To dial up the relaxed charm, roll up those shirt sleeves. It’s like a subtle nod to the weekend ahead, adding that extra touch of ease to your Friday look. Time to sail smoothly into the weekend!

Are Patterned Shirts Casual or Formal Wear?

They can be both! The key lies in the pattern and how you style it. Bolder, vibrant patterns lean towards casual wear, while subtle, muted ones can easily transition to formal settings when paired with the right pieces.

Can I Wear a Patterned Shirt to a Wedding?

Yes, but make sure to choose a sophisticated pattern like micro-checks or subtle florals and pair it with tailored trousers or a suit for a dapper wedding ensemble.

Note: While styling with a patterned shirt for a wedding you need to be extra cautious with the event’s dress code because not all style goes will with the wedding party.

Can I Wear a Patterned Shirt With a Blazer?

Yes, indeed! A patterned shirt can add a dash of personality to your blazer ensemble.

I recommend you opt for a complementary colour scheme to the blazer or choose a pattern that contrasts subtly. It’s an excellent way to showcase your style in more formal settings.

Final Words

As we wrap up this style journey together, I really hope you’ve found the joy in embracing patterned shirts to truly showcase your one-of-a-kind personality.

Think of these shirts as more than just fabric and prints—they’re your chance to express yourself through fashion.

So, as you sift through your wardrobe, don’t hesitate to try out various patterns and styles.

Let your imagination run wild, turning each outfit into a canvas where your unique fashion tale unfolds beautifully. Your style, your story—let it shine! 🎨✨

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