Wear Floral Shirt In Summer

4+ Ways To Wear A Floral Shirt This Summer – Beginner Guide

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I don’t want you to look bad. Yes, you look bad sometimes with those “FLORAL” shirts that you have.

I guess I got ur attention. LOL

Stying a floral shirt can be a challenging task when it comes to mix and match the outfit together to get the best look. And the most common problem I can think of is picking the wrong shade or print that does not align with your personality.


Not all floral shirts are bad – they are a perfect blend of colour and prints that define your personality. So, let’s ditch the fashion fiascos and dive into the world where your floral shirt becomes a statement piece!


Limit One Print Per Outfit

You set the style rules, and here’s a game-changer: “Limit One Print Per Outfit.” It’s like picking your favourite flavor – just choose one standout print.

Please! keep it simple, make that print the hero of your look. I often see people buying very strange floral shirts with multiple prints. Honestly, it’s hard to match with the right shoes or jeans/chinos.

So what’s the HACK?LESS is MORE.

Avoiding print overload is key – you don’t need to be a flower expert to get that. Stick to ‘One Print Only’ and mix it up with solid colours.


Layering is something you must do – especially, if you don’t want to look like a florist banner. When you layer your floral shirt with a jacket or denim, it adds depth to your outfit making you look appealing.

For a casual look and modern vibe, I recommend you layer your floral shirt with denim or a jacket. This will not only level up your style but also offer flexibility and comfort for changing weather or occasions.


Fitting – a small detail with big impact, especially when it comes to floral shirts. People often think they should be loose, perfect for a beach day. But let’s clear that up – it’s not true.

I get it, taking time for fitting might seem tedious, but think about the purpose.

Fitting isn’t just about looking good; it’s the heart of your style, making sure your outfit serves its purpose. So, that extra time at the tailor? It’s worth it for a fit that not only boosts your style but matches your purpose effortlessly.


Floral Tee With Shorts

Floral Tee With Shorts

Floral tees with shorts – it’s a summer-style play, but we’ve all seen the pitfalls. Avoid that ‘barbecue uncle’ style – floral shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.

Not the vibe we’re going for!

Let’s flip the script: grab a floral tee in breezy Tencel. It’s not just about being cool – it’s got that laid-back Havana feel.

When styling, keep it cool with neutral tees, understated straight-fit shorts like denim or tailored khaki, and easy sneakers or sandals for that solid summer look.

Now, here’s the trick: create contrast with bold floral tees and neutral shorts.

Finish this look with low-top kicks – sneakers, boat shoes, or loafers – and a no-show sock. Voilà! Your summer look? Effortless, unique, and ready for whatever comes your way!

Floral Button Down With Shorts

Floral Button Down With Shorts

Well, this floral shirt style is all about casual vibes and the best choice for summer.

Think easy-wearing button-downs that are comfy and laid-back. Unlike the formal ones, these casual shirts are more relaxed, with a chill vibe in both collar and fit.

What’s cool about this?

Floral prints, especially in short sleeves are perfect for casual hangouts and layering without going overboard. The short sleeves give a nice break in the pattern, making floral prints a great starting point if you’re new to them.

In case you are curious about Why this style? Then the answer is – super comfy and ideal for summer temperatures.

Layering With A Jacket

Layering Floral Shirt With A Jacket

Alright, let’s discuss this style that I love which can spice up your floral shirt fashion – It’s a total game-changer!

Layering your floral shirt with a jacket. It’s like having a stylish secret. What’s neat? You can sort of hide the floral print, making it a subtle surprise.

And guess what? Keep that outer layer simple – a field jacket in an olive or blue (denim) totally vibes with florals!

Now, consider blending hues like a style wizard. Opt for a vibrant floral shirt, perhaps with a burst of colour – say, yellow blossoms on a green backdrop. Slide it beneath a neutral-toned denim jacket, pair it with pleated chino trousers, and voila – a mix of sharp yet playful vibes.

Oh, and here’s the trick – let that shirt stay comfy and untucked. If you spot a long-sleeved Pyjama collar one, it’s like the VIP pass to stand out from the usual floral crew.

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Try Pairing Floral Shirt With Denim Jeans

You can also level up your floral shirt-style game with a pair of classic denim jeans. I find it a timeless combo that effortlessly blends fashion with comfort.

For a casual day out or a chill evening hang out, look for a well-fitted pair of denim jeans to balance the vibrant floral patterns.

Also here you can use the “layering tips” to elevate your outfit style.

Before settling on denim, consider the season’s vibe. Opt for light-neutral denim during summer or spring for a fresh look. When the colder months roll in, embrace the warmth of dark denim jeans in winter or fall – they effortlessly complement various outfits.

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